How to hide your photos or videos from your Gallery?


Every day we receive tons of messages and photos from friends, colleages and family. You need to keep these media files safe from the eyes of strangers. That's why you need an app that covers all your security need, and if you're looking for the best way to hide photos and videos from your Gallery on Android devices and secure your power switch, that's where lockIO comes in.

If you want to hide your private photos and videos from your gallery please follow these instructions:

- Download and Install lockIO from Google Play
- Open lockIO App
- Tap the Lock Media Icon on the Main Screen
- Grant the requested permissions
- Select between Photos, Videos or Audio files
- Tap the green plus button on the bottom right corner
- Browse and Select the media files you want to hide
- Press Back icon or button and Confirm Selection
- Exit lockIO
- Every time you try to open a certain app, a password screen will appear.
-To extract a media file from the Vault, select the file from it and tap the red minus button on the bottom right corner.

IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall lockIO if there are media files inside the Vault. Uninstalling the app with media files inside the Vault will result in permanent removal or deletion of those files. If you want to uninstall our app, please extract the files from the Vault before uninstalling lockIO. 

If you own a phone, you need to have all the phone security features needed to guarantee the best protection. With lockIO, you can lock apps with a password, hide photos and videos from the Gallery, and adds an extra layer of protection to your Android phone by requesting a password to power off or restart your phone!

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