Locking Partners introduces a new forward-thinking security app: lockIO.

MADRID, SPAIN, October 9th. - The founder of Locking Partners had a rather tough week some time ago. In less than seven days, he was a victim of a double phone theft! This experience led him to a shocking realization: anybody who can access a mobile phone can actually turn it off, therefore disables tracking and any hopes to find the stolen phone. He set out to create a forward-thinking solution to this particular issue. – And thus through his startup, Locking Partners, a brand new app named “lockIO” was born.

lockIO is available exclusively for Android devices, and its function is simple: once installed in your phone, lockIO prevents any intruder from turning off your device. Normally, one of the first things a thief does after stealing a phone is to disable it by powering it off. However, lockIO prevents them from doing so by requesting a password before turning off your device. 

“But, what about removing the batteries?” You might think… Many of the world’s top manufacturers of smartphones have models with enclosed batteries, which are extremely common these days with the trend rising each year. As a result, a smartphone thief cannot simply remove the battery from these phones – at least not without some sophisticated tool and some time! With lockIO, users can improve their chances to track and locate their phones and get them back. Legitimate owners can simply input a password in order to disable the lockIO prompt and shut down their phones, as they would normally do!

lockIO is a simple yet innovative way to greatly improve the overall security of any Android device.

Available Now on Google Play!