Frequently Asked Questions about lockIO

lockIO is the first app that enables the users to lock the turning off and restart option by requesting a password. It also secures other things like apps, and media such as photos, videos or audio files.

lockIO is developed and trademarked property of Locking Partners. We are young but eagers developers with a revolutionary vision about safety and security for mobile devices. And other stuffs, too.

lockIO delivers a preventive anti-theft mechanism by adding a new layer of security to your mobile device. With Power Lock feature, only you can turn off your device. This means that without lockIO installed in your device, any person who has access to your phone can turn it off, which is a major flaw in mobile devices security.

With a secured Power switch, thieves will have a difficult time because the stolen phone won’t turn off. Also, if you acquire our Premium version, you could turn on an alarm or vibration when the password is entered incorrectly.   

In the event that you're not able to retrieve your stolen device, be sure to have

Unfortunetly, Apple's iOS doesn't allow access to the permissions required to protect your power switch.

lockIO can be extremely useful to secure important and sensitive applications that contain personal information or can generate a commercial transaction, such as Tinder, Snapchat, Amazon or any banking apps. Or just any other app you feel needs to be secured.

There are four main functions: Power Lock, Advanced Security, Lock Media and Lock Apps.

While activated, a password-prompt will pop-up whenever someone presses the power button long enough with the intention to turn off or restart the device. 

With this feature users will have more options to secure their phones. In the event of a theft, the most common thing burglars do after stealing a phone is turning it off but if your phone has Power Lock feature activated, then the thief won’t be able to do it. You’ll have more time to search and locate your phone and thieves won’t carry a device that won’t turn off. 

These functions can also be set at Power Lock, but they are not activated by default. You can individually configure the Intruder Selfie, Sound Alarm and Vibration in case the maximum number of incorrect attempts is reached.

To use the Power Lock feature on your device, please enable the "Draw over other apps permission" for lockIO.

If this function is not working, check if the "Draw over Apps" permission is currently enabled on your device for lockIO. This permission is only required on devices running Andoid 6.0 or higher.

To enable "Draw over Apps" for lockIO, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Device Settings.

2. Search and tap "Apps".

3. On the top right corner, tap the gear icon.

4. Under Advanced, choose "Draw over other apps".

5. Find lockIO in the list and tap it.

6. Toggle "Permit drawing over other apps" to ON. 

*Note: For Samsung devices running Android 6, this setting has been moved to Settings > Applications > Application Manager > More > Draw over other apps

**On newer Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S7, the "Draw over other apps" has been renamed to "Apps that can appear on top". 

***For Google Pixel, the issue might occur after installing Google Play Games. Uninstalling this and rebooting the phone will allow Draw over other apps to work for lockIO. Reinstalling Google Play Games will allow both apps to work properly.

When this function is activated, your phone will not require a password, it will remain unlocked while being connected to the selected WIFI network. You can set your home and office WIFI as safe places, and the app will only be active whenever you are on other networks. This is ideal for safe places like your home, where you don't need to be asked for a password whenever using the app.

With this feature you can set the period of time during which your phone will remain unlocked. You can set the days and hours during your mobile device won't require you a password when using the app.

By activating this function, you will automatically lock newly installed apps detected in your phone, so they can only be used after a password prompt.

That is very easy; just select the videos, photos or audio files that you wish to lock by pressing the "+" symbol, as the media files will be listed once you tap the add buttom. To add the media files to your vault, simple select the desired files and press the Add ("+") buttom. Once your files appear in your vault, they wont be accessible in the Gallery.

To access the files, you will need to take them out of the vault. Select the files in the vault and after that, press the Remove ("-") buttom to return them to the Gallery.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Do not uninstall lockIO while there are still files in any of the Media Vaults. This will result in permanent loss of data of these files. Move out of the vault the media files before uninstalling our app.

In order to be able to use Lock Apps, you shall first allow usage tracking. After you allow this permission, you can select different apps from the Lock Apps menu. When someone tries to open the selected app, a password prompt will pop up before opening the locked app.

With usage tracking lockIO monitors which other application you use and how often, identifies the service provider, language settings and other data.

In order to protect your phone, we need to have access to certain data stored in your phone, such as access to media files (so we can lock your photos and videos files in the Vault)  as well as to the camera so as we can take a picture when Intruder Selfie is activated. We only have access to information that is necessary to accomplish a determined task.

If you acquired our Premium version and ads haven't been removed or the features are off, please try closing and opening the app. If the problem persist, repeat the Get Premium process (premium won't be charged a second time) and turn on the features to check if they're activated.

If any for reason your device get blocked in the Power Lock screen, please try a hard-reset by holding the volumen down + power button for about five seconds. This will restart your device and from there, change the lock mode to a more traditional password (we're experiencing this issue when using Fingerprint scanner along with the Power Lock feature).

You can download and use it free of charge but certain features are reserved for a Premium version (price available at Google Play Store).

When setting up your account, in the initial sequence you are asked to set up a security question and answer. In case you cannot remember your password, this backup question will pop-up. If you didn't set the backup question at the begining of the installation, you can set it at Settings main screen by pressing Change Backup. In the event that you forget you password and backup, simply uninstall our app and reinstall it to configure a new password. 

Yes, it is. To be able to secure the shut down process, we need to "over impose" our password prompt above the powering off and restart options once they pop up. You can ignore this message by pressing the Back button or tap anywhere in the screen. 

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