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- Unreleased-Beta Version with Android 8.0 enabled

V.1.7                          Jul 7, 2018 (Current Release)

- New Initial Sequence more User-Friendly

- Intruder Selfie had to be removed due to issues with some devices

- UI typos corrected

- Warning display on Vault section

- Minor bugs fixed related to performance

V.1.6                         Jan 25, 2018

- Premium features fixed for PIN and Password (Intruder Selfie, Sound Alarm and Vibration are activated 

- Darker PIN Screen when opening locked apps

- PIN resetting error fixed

- Minor bugs fixed.

V.1.5                        Jan 12, 2018

- Screen Always On Issue Fixed (display turns off automatically when it supposed to).
- New SDK to Improve Pattern Recognition.
- Darker Password Layout for more privacy when opening locked apps.
- New Initial Screen Sequence More Intuitive and User-Friendly, enabling users to select language and lock mode first.

V.1.4                       Oct 17, 2017
- Sound Alarm can't be disable after max incorrect attempts reached.
- A Few Typos and Desing Corrections in other languages.

V.1.3                      Oct 11, 2017
- Critical error fixed
- Fingerprint scanner was disabled after producing lock-screen fatal crash.
- Fixed Ad Networks removal bug (now effective after acquiring Premium).

V.1.2                      Oct 06, 2017
- Minors bugs and errors fixed.
- Premium features improved.

V.1.1                     Sep 29, 2017 (First Release)