How to lock important apps with a password?


We live our lives throughout our mobile phones and we spend most of our time looking at the screen but our phone security hasn’t evolved. That's why you need an app that covers all your security need, and if you're looking for the best way to protect an app with a password that's where lockIO comes in. To protect your apps from strangers accessing them or you don't want your kids playing around with your apps follow these instructions:

- Download and Install lockIO from Google Play
- Open lockIO App
- Tap the Lock Apps Icon on the Main Screen
- Grant the requested permissions
- Scroll and Select your Important Apps (and not-so-frequently used)
- Tap the green lock (Should turn red)
- Exit lockIO
- Every time you try to open a certain app, a password screen will appear.
-To disable, repeat the steps above (the icon should turn green again)

When you lock apps with a password try not to lock those apps that, even though are important like Whatsapp or Snapchat, you tend to open and use a lot. This will probably cause irritation and stress if you have to enter a pattern everytime you open these apps. Try to lock important apps such as Gmail, Amazon, Tinder, or any other Banking App. If you have children, you can lock apps like Youtube, Netflix and any other app or game that you would like to restrict its use from them.

If you own a phone, you need to have all the phone security features needed to guarantee the best protection. With lockIO, you can lock apps with a password, hide photos and videos from the Gallery, and adds an extra layer of protection to your Android phone by blocking the power button with a password!

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